17 Lobster Dishes To Help You Celebrate National Lobster Day

<p>Hey, National Lobster Day is a real thing, and it's happening this Saturday, June 15th. Aside from <a href="">the ol' standbys</a> like Red Hook Lobster Pound and Luke's Lobster, where else can you celebrate the delicious crustacean? Click through for some lobster dishes that are making us drool, being served up around town.</p>

<a href="">Tocqueville</a> (1 East 15th Street, Manhattan) has <strong>Butter Poached Lobster</strong> with Pea Tendrils, Vanilla Carrot Puree, Pickled Ginger Foam).

<a href="">Tocqueville</a> (1 East 15th Street, Manhattan) is also offering a <strong>Grilled Lobster</strong>.

<a href="">Greenwich Project</a> (47 West 8th Street, Manhattan) is offering this <strong>Poached Lobster</strong> with Grits and Lobster-Chocolate Jus for $21.

<a href="">David Burke Townhouse</a> (133 East 61st Street, Manhattan) has <strong>Lobster Wonton Soup</strong> with honshimeji mushrooms and aromatic lobster broth.

<a href="">David Burke Townhouse</a> (133 East 61st Street, Manhattan) also has this <strong>Chilled Lobster Salad</strong> with hearts of palm, avocado and lemon-dijon dressing and Lobster Cavatelli with torn basil, confit tomato and lemon zest.

<a href="">Carmine's</a> (2450 Broadway and 200 West 44th Street, Manhattan) has a Broiled Lobster Oreganata and a <strong>Lobster Fra Diavolo</strong> (pictured).

<a href="">AG Kitchen</a> (269 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan) has a number of lobster dishes. Crispy Lobster Fritters Lobster, artichoke and spinach, mango ketchup ($14); Seafood Ceviche Lobster, shrimp, tomatoes, mango, avocado ($15); and <strong>Garcia's Seafood "Paella"</strong> Crab claws, lobster, shrimp, clams, mussels, chicken, chorizo, calamari salad, saffron rice ($27 for one, $45 for two), pictured.

<a href="">SouthWest NY</a> (301 South End Avenue, Manhattan) is offering this simple Lobster Club Sandwich—and this close-up shot (courtesy of Angela Hadl) is making us drool like a fool.

<a href="">David Burke Fishtail</a> (135 East 62nd Street, Manhattan) is offering <strong>Lobster Dumplings</strong> with corn/pickled mushrooms and Moroccan glaze, a 1.5 lb Baked Stuffed Lobster with jumbo lump crabmeat, baby shrimp and chives or creamy and decadent Lobster Mac n’ Cheese.

<a href="">David Burke Bloomingdale’s</a> (1000 3rd Avenue, Manhattan) has Lobster Dumplings with a savory dipping sauce, and this crazy looking Lobster Bisque with apples and tarragon leaves.

<a href="">David Burke Bloomingdale’s</a> (1000 3rd Avenue, Manhattan) is ALSO offering a light <strong>Lobster Cobb Salad</strong>... which is probably the best looking salad we've ever seen.

<a href="">MexiBBQ</a> (37-11 30th Avenue, Astoria) has pan seared <strong>Lobster Cakes</strong> breaded with Panko and paired with mango lime crema, grilled asparagus, warm sweet potato salad and bacon.

<a href="">L'Ecole</a> (462 Broadway, Manhattan) has the "best lobsters in the world" in their offerings. The restaurant <a href="">has scored <strong>Fourchu lobster</strong></a>, and is serving it up either steamed on a platter, or as a lobster roll ($18).<p>Fourchu Lobsters are also available at <a href="">Oceana</a> restaurant (120 W 49th Street, Manhattan), where Executive Chef Ben Pollinger is serving them roasted with white asparagus, morels, fiddleheads and a miso jus for $46.</p>

<a href="">Lobster Joint</a> (1073 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn) has a great, straight-up New England lobster roll ($17) and an insane <a href=""><strong>Lobster Claw Bloody Mary</strong></a> ($9) that comes topped with celery, olives, a pickle and a lobster claw.

<a href="">Preserve24</a> (175-177 East Houston Street, Manhattan) has a <strong>Spicy Lobster Claw Salad</strong> for $18. Why bother with a roll when you can just shovel in the juicy lobster?

Delmonico's (56 Beaver Street, Manhattan) is where to go if you want to splurge. Their 1876 Lobster Newburg (market price) is a classic, and was created at the restaurant all those years ago by Ben Wenburg with seafood, cream, and egg yolks. It was called Wenburg at first, but after a dispute with the restaurant, they changed the name to "Newburg."And you can make your own at home:

<p>And here's another one you can make at home: the <strong>Lobster Grilled Cheese</strong> (with Sriracha!) from chef Marc Forgione.</p><p>Lobster Grilled Cheese (makes 4 whole sandwiches)</p><p></p><ul><li>2 cups Lobster Stock (If you can’t find Lobster Stock, get seafood stock, which should be available at Whole Foods or Fox &amp; Obels)</li><li>4 (1 ½ pound) lobsters, claws removed</li><li>¼ cup Sriracha</li><li>2 tablespoons low-sodium soy sauce</li><li>Juice of 2 limes</li><li>6 ounces (12 tablespoons) unsalted butter, divided</li><li>4 tablespoons canola oil</li><li>Kosher salt and Freshly ground black pepper</li><li>2 tablespoons chopped tarragon</li><li>8 slices of fontina cheese</li><li>4 slices Pullman Loaf or other high-quality thick sliced white bread (1” thick)</li></ul><p>Preparation: Cut the tails off the lobster bodies, and into 1-inch pieces while the tails are still in their shells. Bring the Lobster Stock to a simmer and add the Sriracha, soy sauce and lime juice. Piece by piece, whisk in 6 tablespoons of butter until emulsified. Reduce the remaining sauce until it slightly thickens, about 2 minutes. Toss the lobster tail pieces in oil with salt and pepper and cook for 1-2 minutes or until cooked through. Place the lobster pieces in a bowl and transfer to the fridge until cooled. When the lobster pieces have cooled, pop the meat out of the tails and set aside. For each sandwich take two slices of bread. Place one slice of fontina cheese on top of the first slice, cover the cheese with some lobster meat, sprinkle ½ tablespoon of tarragon, cover with a second slice of fontina cheese, and then top with the second piece of bread. Brush the outer sides of each slice of bread with melted butter and season with salt. And grill!</p>