Midtown workers now have more, much-needed lunch (and post-work dinner) options, as Whole Foods opened a new 43,000 square foot location across from Bryant Park last week. The store not only sells groceries and prepared food items, but there's also a number of new food options, including Frankies Sputino, Japanese omakase from Genji Sushi, a raw bar from Chef Daniel Boulud, and a place that offers "artisanal" avocado toast.

This Whole Foods also looks lovely, with big windows and warm wood finishes. Besides the new culinary offerings, there's a coffee and juice bar, called "News Agency" (a node to classic newsstands) which opens at 6:30 a.m., a half hour before the rest of the store opens at 7 a.m.

There's also a "Produce Butcher." That's right, it's someone who will, the store explains, "cut, slice, dice, julienne, chop, and grate any produce item at a shopper’s request." The Produce Butcher's service cost, for items by the pound (like apples) is $1 per pound (5 pound maximum), while items sold individually (like a pineapple) cost $1 on top of the price of the fruit.

Here's the full description of the dining options:

Frankies Spuntino: The Franks, of the acclaimed neighborhood destinations Frankies 457 & 570 Spuntino, will open a namesake restaurant venue featuring a selection of their Italian classics, including fresh salads, sandwiches, and their popular house-made pastas.

Kano by Genji Sushi: Shoppers can indulge in a traditional Japanese omakase, available at various price levels, run by Genji Sushi, longstanding partners of Whole Foods Market.

Harbor Bar: Featuring a signature menu item created exclusively in partnership with renowned Chef Daniel Boulud, this raw bar will offer oyster towers, lobster rolls and seafood-centric small plates. The bar will also offer 24 beers on tap, draft wine from Gotham Project and a full cocktail menu.

Simit + Smith: The store will feature a cart dedicated to serving authentic Turkish-style artisanal breads from this celebrated local purveyor, including Simit, a circular, sesame-covered bread that’s soft and light on the inside and crunchy on the outside. Simit is traditionally served with feta cheese and sliced olives.

Seed + Mill: This is Seed + Mill’s first offering with Whole Foods Market in New York City. The cart will feature a tahini mill, churning out jars of fresh, warm tahini made from premium Ethiopian seeds, and 8 to 10 flavors of handmade halva, including some vegan varieties. Seed + Mill at Bryant Park will also feature the brand’s famous tahini goat milk ice cream, topped with halva crumbles and fresh tahini.

Quick service kiosks - The store will offer an array of freshly prepared items with a focus on quick service. Food orders can be placed through an easy-to-use digital ordering kiosk. Examples of food that can be ordered from our kiosks include: Italian Sandwiches, Nosh (featuring Jewish-style sandwiches), Hot Chicken (offering Nashville-style spicy fried chicken), and Indian-inspired Indie Bowls, created in partnership with Chef Hari Nayak.

Pizza: The Bryant Park location will be the first Whole Foods Market in New York City to offer Detroit-style square pies with a variety of seasonal toppings.

Toast: This venue will be placed inside the bakery department and will offer a selection of artisanal toasts such as: avocado, almond butter & jam, stone-ground mustard & mixed greens, and ricotta, berries & locally sourced Mike’s Hot Honey.

Coffee & Espresso by Allegro Coffee: In addition to extensive hot and cold brew options offered in the store’s “News Agency” coffee and juice bar, Allegro Coffee will also offer a stand-alone espresso bar on the store’s second floor, featuring traditional espresso service

Whole Foods Market Bryant Park is at 1095 Avenue of the Americas; Store Hours: 7:00 am - 11:00 pm, Coffee & juice bar: 6:30 am - 11:00 pm