After a whirlwind week of being part of a Mets locker room practical joke, the chicken known as Little Jerry Seinfeld has finally fled the big city for greener pastures. Little Jerry Seinfeld, who was purchased in Chinatown for $8, was saved from being someone's dinner and was also saved from being named Little Derek Jeter. And now LJS will live out the rest of his life at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen upstate.

Farm Sanctuary, the farm animal protection and rescue organization, says that LJS will be able to "enjoy the company of other chickens, scratching in the dirt, dust bathing and basking in the sun" now that he's been "spared from miserable conditions and certain death at a Chinatown “live market,” where animals are sold and either slaughtered on site or taken home to be slaughtered." Farm Sanctuary President Gene Baur said, "We are thrilled this story had a happy ending. Most chickens, nearly 9 billion a year in fact, meet an extremely grim end in a slaughterhouse after lives void of sunshine, fresh air and kindness on factory farms. We’re glad the Mets realized that Little Jerry is an intelligent, social animal and, like all chickens, he deserved to be treated with kindness. Tim Byrdak is known for being the team jester, but we’re grateful he was serious about ensuring that this chicken would have a happy life. We thank Tim and everyone at the Mets for having such big hearts!"

Before making the 4.5 hour trip upstate, Little Jerry Seinfeld was being cared for by Lower East Side residents—and Mets fans—Jeff and Tisa LaPadula. Now, you can vist Little Jerry Seinfeld at Farm Sanctuary and Baur added, "We hope everyone who is glad that Little Jerry will have a good life will think about what they can do in their daily lives to spare food animals just like him - even choosing one meat-free meal a day or designating one day per week as meat-free makes a big difference to farm animals who are every bit as emotional and intelligent as our cats and dogs." Yeah, Little Jerry can strut his stuff!