Yesterday, a steer managed to escape a slaughterhouse in Queens, experiencing a few moments of blessed freedom running through the CUNY College campus in Jamaica. The steer was eventually caught, but while it was expected he'd soon become someone's dinner, he actually got the happiest ending he could get—a lifetime residency at an upstate animal sanctuary, and dinner fed to him by the one and only Jon Stewart. OH TO BE A BRAVE BRAVE BOVINE.

Indeed, a spokesperson tells us the steer was taken to Animal Care & Control of Brooklyn after his run for freedom, and the agency handed him over to Stewart and his wife Tracey, who took the big dude to Farm Sanctuary’s New York Shelter in Watkins Glen. The Stewarts have been partnering with the sanctuary since October, much to the apparent benefit of The Steer That Was Nearly A Snack.

The sanctuary named him Frank, after the prisoner Frank Lee Morris who escaped from Alcatraz in 1962. Jon fed him an apple:

And some hay:

You lucky, lucky hamburger:

For the sake of the memories, here is Frank frolicking during his brief taste of freedom:

Cows running around at york college

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Thanks for saving Frank, Jon! Now please come back to The Daily Show and save us from this election.