A humorous new book of food photography pits some very tiny diners against monstrous food items. Photographer Christopher Boffoli images scenarios of centimeter-high characters pitted against life-sized food items and dishes in his new book Big Appetites:

Welcome to a world where little people have big personalities. A world that’s upside down and yet weirdly, wonderfully real. A world where Lilliputian thieves poach strawberry seeds. Where it takes a guy with a jackhammer to pop open pistachios. Where skaters fall into a crack in the crème brûlée, and teddy bear cookies congregate with evil intent.

A quippy caption accompanies each of the photographs, which are lovely and whimsical in their own right. "Made me smile," said Neil Patrick Harris. Us too, Doogie. Us too.

You can pick up a copy of the tiny tabletop tome through IndieBound or other major book retailers.