Greg Seider, the genial barkeep behind the widely adored cocktail lounge The Summit, and Mathieu Palombino, chef/owner if the white hot pizza joint Motorino, have teamed up to open a new cafe/bar called Prima in the East Village. (Ken Nye from Ninth Street Espresso is also on board.) The little restaurant opened last week serving a "fish-focused" dinner menu, as well as meticulously crafted cocktails and coffee.

Palmobino created the menu (below) with chef David Malbequi, who will running the kitchen. They're committed to serving fish that are not endangered, sustainably caught, and as local as possible based on seasonal availability. The menu also features a grass-fed burger and a small selection of desserts, including mille-feuille. Seider, who recently created the cocktail menu at the revamped Le Bernadin, is making drinks that riff on classic American cocktails, with Mediterranean flavors to complement Prima's fish focus. (According to the press release, Seider's playing around with Tarragon, Lemon,Thyme, Elderflower, and his own custom blended tea infusions sourced from the Rare Tea Cellar, in Chicago IL.)

Dinner and cocktails start at 5 p.m., but Prima opens for breakfast daily from 8 a.m. to noon (right now they're serving pastries), followed by lunch. The preliminary dinner menu is below; the fish entrees are between $15-$22, and the cocktails are $12.

58 East First Street // (646) 559-4823

Prima Tasting Menu 10-28-2011