"Is this some kind of joke?" a guy in what is undoubtedly a $6300 suit asked out loud to no one in particular as he walked by the Bluth Frozen Banana Stand near Radio City Music Hall on Monday. Beloved cult show Arrested Development may not have had many viewers when it was on the air (although, statistically speaking, it had more viewers in its curtailed 2006 season than most of the prime time shows on NBC have today), but through DVDs and Netflix, people have caught up in the seven years it's been off the air. Which is what led thousands and thousands of fans to line up for 30-40 minutes at a time this week for a chance to sample one of those legendary frozen bananas. And for a select few, it was an opportunity to request that people perform chicken dances on the spot to get one of those frozen bananas.

We were that despot described above—we went inside the banana stand on Monday to find out once and for all whether there is always money inside the banana stand. The bananas were free despite the signs, so there really wasn't any money to stash away anywhere. Considering how excited all the patrons were, as fellow banana slinger Hannah Scott (who hails from not-so-Wee Britain) noted, "We could be making rent in tips."

When we entered the booth for our 10 minutes in banana heaven, we asked Scott whether any superfans had done anything weird so far; besides one person who sang some sort of "banana peel" song, fans had been pretty normal. She complained in particular that no one had done the chicken dance at that point. Which is how we ended up with these photos.

We got the impression that there were plenty of people there who would have gladly jumped at the chance to do a little ca-caw-ca-cawing. Jordan, a sophomore from Skidmore, took a bus to the city just after finishing his finals to don his never nude shorts. Despite his attire, he kept things in perspective: "I'm excited but trying not to get my hopes up."

Not so for Maggie Rulli and Chris McKenna—McKenna sewed banana stand aprons the night before the event, and the two snuck out of work from CBS to come in. "I watched it from the beginning. When they took it off, it was a travesty," McKenna told us. Heather Herz, an AD collector (she owns one of Maeby's jackets, a necklace worn by Lucille Austero, and a "Girls With High Self-Esteem" t-shirt, among other things) who was interviewed in Arrested Development: The Documentary, was even more emphatic: "It could be just them sitting in a room and I'd watch it. Just the fact they're coming back makes me happy."

Mark Koenig and Meggin Stailey waited 45 minutes on line with a very patient 3-year-old named Oliver, who got to eat the chocolate off the outside of the banana. "We joined Netflix just to start watching this," they told us. We asked whether Oliver had been introduced to the cult yet: "If his parents would let him, he'd sit and watch it," Stailey said. "He'd like it now because of the hijinks. The rest would be over his head. But this banana means he's been initiated."

On Tuesday, we got to meet arguably the biggest fan of them all surprisingly: actor Terry Crews, who'll be guest starring in several episodes this season as politician Herbert Love. "[Creator] Mitch Hurwitz has built a world bigger than the Star Wars universe," he gushed. "To get to be a part of this is amazing. Getting a call to do this is like getting a call from Spielberg."