Smorgasburg kicked off its outdoor season yesterday in Williamsburg (today it sets up shop in Brooklyn Bridge Park), and the aisles were packed as always with hungry, hungover food fans.

Smorgasburg stalwarts like Ramen Burger, Dough, Milk Truck, and Mighty Quinn's drew their standard ridiculously long lines, with newcomers like Big Mozz (home of the must-order, pesto-injected Mozz Bomb), Duck Season, and Curd's the Word attracting lots of interest as well.

But even though the sunshine was glorious, the strong, chilly winds pounding the park definitely effected some vendors, like the Rise and Swine crew, whose bacon-heavy menu was tough to pull off when the propane grills kept blowing out.

The weather also had an impact on Snowday's Smorgasburg debut, because no matter how maple-syrupy and delicious their Sugar On Snow dessert is (and it is; you should eat this all summer long, and the inclusion of a pickle is startling and genius), eating a big bowl of snow just wasn't in the front of many people's minds. And Von Kava, the booth with the 15-minute, four-course (plus amuse bouche) tasting menu fared okay, cooking-wise—the Cured and Grilled Fluke dish was the winner here—but the frequent gusts sent many of the small plates flying.

More wind news: vendors could forget about hanging banners or putting up their booth covers; a young woman facing the opposite direction inadvertently spit in my face from 20 feet away (she was mortified); and everyone's hair was just a disaster.

That said, overall turnout on Smorgasburg's opening day was as large and spirited as it's ever been, and the massive popularity of this weekend ritual doesn't seem to be abating anytime soon.

Smorgasburg is in Williamsburg on Saturdays, in East River State Park at N. 7th Street; and in Brooklyn Heights on Sundays, at Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Now through November, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.