Even on a day that was a bit colder and cloudier than anyone would have wanted for a seven-hour picnic, thousands of hungry people once again flocked to Williamsburg's East River State Park for the opening of Smorgasburg's outdoor season (on Sunday they'll be in Prospect Park).

As expected, Pop Pasta's Spaghetti Donut tent was slammed, selling out by 2 p.m. Other popular newcomers on opening day included John's Juice, where they pulverize the insides of whole pieces of fruit, stick a straw inside, and there's your beverage; Rutte's Dutch Waffles, which sold out their supply of made-on-the-spot stroopwafels; Baked Cheese Haus, which added a hot dog/hot cheese sandwich to their menu; and Dulcinea Churros, busy all afternoon frying up their warm, sweet treats.

But really, almost all of the 100 food vendors at this year's Smorgasburg were feeling that Brooklyn love. The great Malai ice cream is back—purveyor Pooja is easily one of the best ice cream makers in all of New York City—with a rose flavor and a vanilla that'll blow you away. Keizo Shimamatoto was manning the Ramen Burger grill, Rubyzaar was hawking warm Liquid S'Mores as well as their superb cookies; Big Mozz had a big line for their totally-worth-the-wait fried sticks (they'll also be at Citi Field this season!), and Raindrop Cake's new bright-purple ube flavor seemed to be a hit as well.

Adding to the outdoor eating experience, Saturday's Brooklyn Flea is now located right next door to Smorgasburg in East River State Park, so now you can take a break from stuffing your gut by browsing and buying clothing, furniture, jewelry, housewares, and vintage toys and other fun collectibles from the incomparable Dan's Parent's House.

Smorgasburg opens Sunday in Prospect Park at 11 a.m.; Brooklyn Flea is in DUMBO, starting at 10 a.m.