The insanely popular Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg may have almost all ended their outdoor seasons (the Williamsburg Smorg continues through November 21), but that doesn't mean you have to live without Ramen Burgers and nostalgic junk from Dan's Parents House. In fact, this weekend marks the opening of what appears to be the largest Winter Flea and Smorgasburg ever, a 50,000 square foot space in the ever-more-hopping Industry City complex located just a few blocks from the D, N, and R trains in Sunset Park.

The Winter Flea component of the mega-market features 100 vendors selling everything from vintage clothing and furniture to used books and records to strange old tools and toys. Rugs, maps, jewelry, Wacky Packs, old Polaroid cameras, action figures, bags, glasses, kitchenware, a million useless tchotchkes... if you like buying things, plan on spending a long afternoon wandering these crammed-full aisles.

Scott Lynch / Gothamist

And if you like EATING things, Smorgasburg has you covered too, with some 40 booths operated by old standbys (Red Hook Lobster, Milk Truck, Solber Pupusas, Ramen Burger with, astonishingly, NO LINE), and well as a few newcomers such as WOWfulls, which promises to be the rookie hit of this market with their excellent waffles-and-ice cream concoctions.

More good food news: Lumpia Shack breaks out their terrific Pig Face Sisig platter for the winter, with all kinds of jowls and ears and fiery spices. An outfit called Pazzi Pasta was serving massive bows of hot carbs topped with fresh-shaved truffles. And if you didn't make it out the Queens Smorgasburg this summer, now's your chance to try Keizo Shimamoto's great Ramen Shack.

The Winter Flea and Smorgasburg will be at Industry City on both Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., from now through next March. The Industry City complex can be a bit labyrinthine; the most direct entry to the market is at 241 37th Street.