Come Saturday, Brooklyn is getting a new meaty, boozy roadhouse to call its own. That's when chef Dale Talde (Talde, Top Chef season 4) and his buddies open up Pork Slope in, you guessed it, Park Slope. Why Saturday? Well, that's the late Road House star Patrick Swayze's birthday, of course.

And when the Pork Slope team says what they're offering is a honky-tonk dive bar with cheap eats, they mean it. The newcomer's brief menu offers $4 sides on the low-end (tater tots, onion strings, biscuits) and then inches up to a $22 full rack of St. Louis ribs. In-between are options like a $6 BLT, a $6.50 cheese burger on a potato roll ("really good" our taster reports), a $6.50 porky melt ("like a pork burger, with cheese—pretty good"), an $8 pulled pork sandwich and so on. You can explore the full menu below.

And it isn't just the food keeping it low-key. The casual, cash-only, 70-seater has a whole lot of booze to go with its stuff-covered walls (beer lamps! stuffed boar heads! a salvaged oak fireplace!) including 25 beers and a very wide selection of mostly American whiskeys, bourbons and rye ranging from small-batch distillers (Willet and Pappy Van Winkle) to the bigger names (Four Roses, Jack Daniel’s). And yes, yes, stop asking: they have some wines, too.

Best of all, the foodie bar—which really wants to be an industry hangout—is open till 4 a.m., with the kitchen serving until 2 a.m. So you'll have something to munch and sip if you stop by for a late night game on their coin-operated pool table.

247 Fifth Avenue // 718-768-7675