After a failed attempt at shutting down Prospect Park, President Obama snaked his way through Brooklyn yesterday to tour a Crown Heights high school and throw out affection on many local fixtures. And it all culminated in Obama declaring Brooklyn "cool" and paling around with Bill de Blasio at Junior's.

“When I was living here, Brooklyn was cool, but not this cool,” Obama told students at P-Tech, the Pathways in Technology Early College High School. Obama lived in a brownstone on Second Street in Park Slope after he graduated from Columbia University in 1984. “Barclays Center hadn’t been built yet,” he noted.

After touring the school, Obama was feeling generous with his praise, hailing Mayor Bloomberg as “an extraordinary mayor for this city” and “a leader throughout the country for the past 12 years.” Then Obama and de Blasio went to Junior's together, where Obama gushed over him telling patrons, “Do you know your next mayor here?”

Before leaving, Obama got two cheesecakes to go — one plain and one strawberry.
“We’ll be eating it on Air Force One,” he told employees.