Now that those clown shortage rumors have been debunked and the impostor clowns unmasked, unconventional Clowns & Friends are headed to Williamsburg for the Brick Theater's annual New York Clown Theatre Festival. As always, the clownfest kicked off with a giant pie fight, where clowns and their allies were invited to square off against one another wielding the circus's favorite tasty weapon—we hear that the referee took quite a bit of pie.

The delectable spectacle was part of the festival's opening festivities. Just prior to the fight, clowns of all shapes and sizes paraded from Union Square to Williamsburg, flaunting fresh makeup and colorful costumes. The month-long festival is chock full of other clown friendly events. The clowns also participated in a hilarious opening cabaret, and tonight clown enthusiasts will be treated to a devilish performance by Red Bastard, the world's most "Dangerous, Seductive Comedy Monster." He's also hosting shows on September 10th and 13th, and you can purchase tickets online.