If you've been staying up at night worried that the East Village simply doesn't have enough fancy pizza places, perhaps this news will help you get some rest: James Beard Award-winning chef Michael White (Marea, Osteria Morini, Ai Fiori) has joined the fray. This past weekend the talented chef opened his latest restaurant, Nicoletta, on Second Avenue and 10th Street serving up a variety of Wisconsin/Italian pies. Do remember these are "speciality pizzas" though, so don't expect to walk away with anything close to a dollar slice!

The decor of the corner space is simple (this is a pizza joint, after all) with exposed brick walls, a semi-exposed kitchen and (when the blinds are open) a lovely view of the St. Mark's Church across the street. And we hope you like red accents, because there are quite a few of them. But hey! As far as we can tell there is no reclaimed wood on display—so that's a plus.

But what about the food? Well, the below menu is short, sweet, mouthwatering and not cheap. Small bites are all under $5, sure, but apps start at $10 and the cheapest pizza on hand is the $17 Fior Di Zucca pie (zucchini blossom pizza—we're sold). But you get what you pay for and some of these babies sound really tasty. Carbonara pizza, anyone? Oh, you aren't one for mixing cream with your pie? Well, then maybe you'll want to try the $19 Brocolo then, which has broccoli rabe pesto on it.

According to the guys at Slice the pies are "somewhere between Midwest cracker-crust and the thicker, chewier NYC style." Further White's "sauce is thicker than usual on NYC-style (or Neapolitan) pizza and has a Midwestern flavor to it since it's seasoned with dried basil and oregano."

So, long story short? We don't think this should make the Artichoke boys (or any of the other nearby pizza places, like Motorino down the block) too worried—there is enough love of 'za in the area to have pizza at lots of price points.

160 Second Avenue // 212-432-1600