Just because it's freaking freezing out doesn't mean you have to spend your weekends doing anything but wolfing down Ramen Burgers, right? Welcome, gigantic Brooklyn Flea PLUS Smorgasburg Winter Market, which just opened yesterday in Williamsburg and will run every Saturday and Sunday all the way through March. Call it SmorgasFlea... call it FleaBurg... whatever, just go and eat yourself silly and buy all kinds of stylish, vintage-ish, hipstery things—that includes packaged frozen meat from Pat LaFrieda, the only retail outlet in town where you can find the rockstar butcher's beefy cuts and burger blends!

The space here, on the second floor of some warehouse on Wythe and North 5th, is huge, unashamedly unfinished—a trip to the bathroom will having you pining for the Port-o-Potties—and the layout kind of shambles along in an unintuitive way. There are 200 vendors on hand, including some 75 food booths, which makes for lots of fun exploring and, because of limited sightlines, opportunities for serendipitous discovery. We got legitimately lost several times, and spent a solid 15 minutes toward the end of our adventure wandering in circles trying to find Sugar Daddy's Cinnamon Buns, new from the Bon Chovie crew. (Which was totally worth it once we finally got there because warm Cinnamon Bun with sticky hazelnut icing and chocolate chips.)

The Sugar Daddy Cinnamon Bun is just one of several new food offerings served at the SmorgasFlea Winter Market. Keizo Shimamoto will be on hand all season with his still-packing-'em-in Ramen Burger, and now he's added a new, maybe even better sandwich to the mix, a Beef "Chashu" concoction (think: marinated pulled beef) dripping with a semi-spicy special sauce.

Also new is the fun-to-say Bruffin booth, selling a brioche-muffin amalgam that comes studded and stuffed with things like buffalo chicken and mozzarella (didn't try), chorizo and manchego (this one was good), chocolate and salted caramel (didn't try).

Salud's smoothie and juice bar now serves ridiculously large cups of Mexican hot chocolate. Red Hook Lobster Pound has a Lobster BLT that delivers exactly what you'd want in a sandwich that stars lobster and bacon. Hamon is toasting their sandwiches for the season, Handsome Hank's is ladling clam chowder into bread bowls, and the Beehive Oven menu has gone full biscuit, including a tasty new sausage-gravy number.

As far as shopping goes, there's the usual combination of vintage wares and antiques, often of the quirky variety, as well as locally-designed and -crafted jewelry, ceramics, clothing, art pieces, things like that. It's a great place for finding holiday gifts for people for whom you have no idea what to get.

The entrance to the Brooklyn Flea Smorgasburg Winter Market is on Wythe Avenue between N5th and N4th Streets, right below the COST and ENX pastes, and is open weekends from 10:00 to 7:00 before Christmas, and from 10:00 to 6:00 the rest of winter.