If you went to Smorgasburg's new location in Prospect Park yesterday thinking it couldn't possibly be as crowded as usual because no one really knows about this spot yet... yeah, no. Construction in Brooklyn Bridge Park may have forced these 100 food vendors a little deeper into the borough, setting up shop atop Breeze Hill near the park's eastern edge, but NYC's apparently ravenous hordes seemed to have no problem finding everyone in their new Sunday home.

N.B.: Gothamist publisher Jake Dobkin had a different experience trying to locate the new Smorg. "Bring a map because it's in a weird secret pocket of the park where all roads lead in circles and I ended up in some weird bushes where I saw two hipsters making out." Noted.

Even on an unpleasantly hot and humid day, the lines at the new Smorgasburg were business-as-usual long, and the shaded lawns were filled with picnickers all afternoon. Ramen Burger, Home Frite, Mighty Quinn's, Dough, MofoGO, and anyone selling anything cold and/or wet were all slammed, but so also were spots like Best Buds Burrito, Gooey & Co (now offering their butter cakes a la mode, by the way, served with a hit of Blue Marble vanilla, to excellent effect), Noodle Lane, Handsome Hanks, and Bon Chovie. The only one left out of the party were the meat-loving guys of Carnal, who for seem reason had been placed apart from the main action, at the base of the hill.

All in all, a big success for Smorgasburg, and a big win for Crown Heights and Prospect Lefferts Gardens locals looking for something to eat/do on a Sunday afternoon for the next six weeks.

Smorgasburg Prospect Park will be on Breeze Hill every Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. through October 11 only. Breeze Hill is located near Lakeside and the park's Lincoln Road entrance, which is a block away from the B/Q/S Prospect Park station.