For the first time ever, Madison Square Garden agreed to go all vegan upon the request of a performer. Over the weekend, Steven Patrick Morrissey took the stage at MSG, a venue he had been promised was meat-free for the night. And it was, if you were in the cheap seats, but up above in the corporate suites, the moneyed and connected were stuffing their faces with spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, meatball sliders, brisket, and chicken fingers as Moz sang "Meat Is Murder," and a disturbing video filled with PETA footage played behind him.

Jessica Pearson sent in these photos, telling us:

This weekend I attended the Morrissey show at Madison Square Garden. Moz proudly announced that it was a historic day as Madison Square Garden went fully Vegan. Turns out it was vegan everywhere BUT the corporate suites. MSG offered up House Made Meatball Sliders, Hill Country Brisket Sandwiches, Cereal-Crusted Chicken Fingers, and Fresh Sushi Platters. Friends on the main floor ate vegan hot dogs. Thought you would find it amusing—though I'm sure Mr. Morrissey will not.

It's just too bad they didn't serve those massive Renaissance Fair-esque drumsticks, as that would have made Pearson's defiant photo below more viral.


We've reached out to MSG and Morrissey for comment, and will update if we hear back—but it may be safe to say that if you were at the show over the weekend, you were probably at the last ever Morrissey show at the Garden.

UPDATE: A rep for MSG sent us this statement, “We changed the menu in the public areas for the show on Saturday night and didn’t make the same changes in the private areas. This was an oversight and will be fixed the next time.”