The hotel bar set have a new watering hole! Last night Lilium opened to the public in the W Union Square, replacing the hotel's longrunning basement bar Underbar. And along with the new name is a new decor of dark banquettes and mood lighting. Also, black steel lilies by the artist Scott Brown. Why lillies? To match the name, natch.

The newcomer boasts the hotel bar prices you'd expect from a W off Union Square (beers between $7-9, $14 cocktails, glasses of wine starting at $12, and some pricey bottles) and a food menu of standard fancy small bites from Todd English ($9 fries with parmesan, $14 mushroom flatbreads, $19 lamb kebabs). As for the scene, its owners, the Gerber Group, promise a nightly "rock 'n' roll spirit" with "hand-picked DJs playing a variety of classic- and indie-rock music, peppered with soul and blues." So don't be surprised if you aren't surprised by any of the music you hear there.

The bar is open Monday through Saturday 6 p.m. to 4 a.m. and does take table reservations.

201 Park Avenue South // 212-358-1560