Miserable weather—rain, cold, general drear—couldn't quite ruin the opening of the LIC Flea & Food yesterday, as a scattering of game locals and lots of new vendors did their best to turn a parking lot on 46th Avenue into a party.

This is the fourth year that the LIC Flea has set up shop near Gantry Park, and it will be here on Saturdays and Sundays from now through the end of October. The concept is the same as the Brooklyn original—a combination of vintage items, local artisans, and plenty of food—and the "beer garden" area by the water returns this year as well, which will be much more pleasant once it stops being so goddamn cold out.

It'a unclear how many new vendors there are this year at the LIC Flea—some obvious old-timers include Luke's Lobster and those good Oconomi Japanese vegetable pancakes—but since literally everyone I asked yesterday said that this was their first time, I'm going to guess that the percentage is high. Here are a few of highlights:

  • Ra(Mein) Portions are small (especially for $9), and the broth is more like you'd find in straight-up soup rather than, say, a dense tonkotsu, but my bowl of Spicy Sichaun Beef Ramen was satisfying nonetheless.
  • La Maison du Soufflé When's the last time you had chocolate soufflé? Yeah, me too. But Pedro Da Silva aims to change that by making the fancy dessert more of a regular treat with his shareable, $10 dark-chocolate dishes. They take seven minutes to bake and are totally worth it, the top crusty and chewy, the insides hot and creamy.
  • Rib In a Cup Although I'm not convinced by the "in a cup" part--seems like an obvious Instagram-grab and is actually a less convenient container for these things that the usual boat-like vessel—the meat itself was really good here, all smoky and sweet and plenty moist. Given the crappy weather they didn't make their promised Mac-N-Cheese Waffles, but those seem like a solid complement next time.
  • Sweet Dames Good macaroons are hard to find, but both of the flavors I sampled at the Sweet Dames booth—salted caramel and dark chocolate—were excellent.

Among the many non-food vendors worth checking out are Lipstick & Bowties, where two young Portuguese women sell bespoke versions of both of those items; Maggiebeth Vintage, with a selection of old-timey finds that lean heavily toward the bizarre; the perfectly potted succulents at Loloplant; and the hand-crafted jewelry at Wearskate.

The LIC Flea & Food is located at 525 46th Avenue, at the corner of 5th Street, and is open Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., through October 30. In addition to being easily accessible by the 7, N, Q, E, M, and G trains (when they're running), as well as the East River Ferry, there''s also a Citi Bike station right in front of the lot.