It took them a decade, but Whole Foods finally opened for business in Brooklyn, unveiling their first location in the borough this morning. The shopping and live-tweeting was frenzied at what is suddenly the most Brooklyn of supermarkets, which features not only a special vinyl section with music and vinyl jewelry but also a bike repair area, special bike parking and onsite knife sharpening. Oh, and dozens of Brooklyn-based brands and food items. Smorgas-who?

They're really emphasizing the local angle, with signs, tags and stickers declaring each product's origin just so shoppers are absolutely sure their strained yogurt has a Brooklyn zip code—or at least came from within 100 miles. The product lineup reads like some kind of artisanal Brooklyn directory, with offerings from Ovenly, Pie Corps, Prime Meats, Brooklyn Brine, Dough and others all lining the shelves. Even their coffee bar boasts roasts from the who's who in beans, including Cafe Grumpy, Gorilla, Stumptown. Plus pizza from a little Bushwick spot called Roberta's.

The enormous rooftop farm was just the beginning when it comes to the eco-friendly design. They've also got a crazy CO2 refrigeration system and on-site heat and power plant that both help reuse otherwise wasted energy and provide electric generation. Reclaimed materials like part of the Coney Island boardwalk further enhance the store's eco-indie cred.

Prepared foods from Yuji Ramen, Rice and Miso Everyday and a special juice bar provide on-site eats. Their in house bar, The Roof, also offers bites and sips to enjoy on the premises, especially when the weather gets warmer and you can kick back with a pint of Evil Twin and watch the fumes rise up off the Gowanus Canal. Check out the menu below:

The Roof Menu