That beloved, abandoned diner on the West Side Highway may have a "horrific stench," but it draws in plenty of passersby despite that. Recently, Hannah Frishberg got inside the structure, which (given the rotting food she spotted) is likely being inhabited by squatters. Here's a look at the inside of the forgotten lunchbox, and below, a little bit about the place, located at 357 West Street.

  • The diner first opened in the 1950s, operating as different diners throughout time, until finally shuttering in 2006. During its lifetime it was the Terminal Diner, the Lunchbox Diner, Rib, Seafood Organic, and the Lost Diner.
  • According to Scouting NY, it was "designed in the 1950′s by the Kullman Building Corporation, famous for their iconic diner designs throughout the northeast."
  • Preservationist Michael Perlman (he who saved the Cheyenne and Moondance diners) attempted to save this one in 2008, but that never went beyond some paperwork.

Click through for a look inside. RIP Era of the Diner.