The long-awaited Golden Girls cafe soft-opened in Washington Heights last week, boasting themed treats and a hefty collection of memorabilia. We stopped by to check out the goods, which include, among other things, "Rose's Proposal Scones" and Rue McClanahan's 1987 Emmy award.

Rue la Rue Cafe proprietor Michael La Rue was Blanche Devereaux-portrayer McClanahan's best friend, and she left him a warehouse full of costumes, signed photos, and other memorabilia when she died in 2010. La Rue told us he'll be rotating out some of the wares over time, but for now patrons can check out the cafe's very thorough collection of signed episode scripts, personal notes, the aforementioned Emmy award and the dress McClanahan wore the night she won the Emmy.

Betty White, may the Universe protect her, has her own small wall in the cafe, which features personal Polaroids and the full page memorial ad she took out when McClanahan died.

The kitchen is helmed by Chef Michele Weber, formerly of popular Upper West Side brunch spot Good Enough To Eat. Bites include "Sophia's Cure For Depression Cookies," "Aunt Fran's Chocolate Loaf," and the aforementioned Proposal Scones. Right now the cafe is only open for breakfast and lunch from Tuesday to Sunday, but we're told La Rue plans to introduce dinner service sometime in the near future. Can one eat cheesecake for dinner?

Rue La Rue Cafe is now open at 4396 Broadway in Washington Heights, website.