Fashion Week is all about seeing what's in store for spring/summer 2014, edgy street style and big brands capitalizing on to the buzz. Brands like Subway, the sandwich chain, which resurrected its "Project Subway" fashion challenge, which involved designers making dresses out of Subway sandwich wrappers and dishes.

The event was held at Pier 59 yesterday, with designers like Danilo Gabrielli, Jennifer Henry, Mariana Valentina, and Ainslee Bowers demonstrating that they could make a stylish gowns. And the winner would get their dress displayed in a midtown Subway—and a year of free Subway Footlongs (which may not be a foot-long).

In the end, Gabrielli won. Subway marketing guy Tony Pace said, "While folks might not readily equate FOOTLONGS™ and fashion, there are some similarities between the two. Both allow for individualized customization and creativity. We're glad to provide designers a new venue to express their unique style on the runway."