Sure, that wee little rat frolicking in the olive bins at Fairway's Upper West Side location was really adorable, but no one want to eat rat-blessed antipasti. So the store made good on its promise to "fully remedy the situation"... with covers that shield about 75% of the containers!

MyUpperWest posted video of the baby rat in action on Wednesday night, and on Thursday, the ashamed store said, "We believe the incident was caused by the massive construction that is happening throughout the immediate vicinity of the store, and which has been well documented in the press. In fact, we have done an exhaustive top to bottom review of our store and determined that the problem is definitely an external one. So, we are now taking comprehensive measures and spending thousands of dollars to fully remedy the situation so it doesn't happen again." Can someone remedy this video by adding "Yakety Sax" to it?

The new covers will now provide rats with a less damp way route to the bagel section—and there's still an opening for them to enjoy some briny olives or peppers. The deli department had been undergoing some upgrades—unclear if those are related to the neighborhood's supposed rat uprising.