We may never be able to leave our apartments again once this blizzard starts dumping all its cloud excrement on us. Supplies will run out, the whiskey well will run dry and seasons one through three of Jem and the Holograms will expire from Netflix, leaving us hungry, sober and alone.

But New Yorkers are already out to save themselves from this truly outrageous fate by forming what are known as "lines" outside food-distribution establishments. Apparently one waits on these "lines" to be given access to a "grocery store" where one can procure "food" to weather this "historic storm." It all started last night:

At the Park Slope Food Co-Op...

Line to get into the #ParkSlopeFoodCoop? #breadandmilk!! #psfc #parkslope #Blizzardof15

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But at least one person was felling truly #blessed by the madness:

Trader Joe's shoppers—known for their measured storm reactions—weren't going to be left out:

This is actually a pretty normal sight at the TJs on 14th Street—god bless their Hawaiian-shirted efficiency!

And don't forget the Upper East Side!

Other city denizens were stoic enough to wait until this morning to stand in a line in the blowing flurries. Gothamist executive editor Jen Chung captured panic on the Upper West Side this morning, with epic congregation outside Trader Joe's again:

And the Fairway on Broadway, which boasted not only a line to get in...

(Jen Chung/Gothamist)

...but another line when it was time to pay!

Elsewhere on the UWS:

We all had the same idea to buy #food before the #snowstorm #nyc #upperwestside #westsidemarket

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Whole Foods won't go down without a fight:

Meanwhile, back at the Park Slope Food Co-Op...

A worker at the co-op told us they "keep getting deliveries" and that he kept hearing about items being restocked. Don't worry: the kale is safe—sort of!

And if you still need milk, you've got options...

The real Blizzarding won't begin in earnest until later this evening, so if you're more of a last-minute panicker, you've still got some time (unless the subways are shut down). Gotta get that bread and milk before it's too late!