In honor of National Ice Cream Day, the only fake holiday that matters and which happens to be today, the Brooklyn Flea added a one-weekend-only Ice Cream Bonanza to their usual slew of edible offerings. Yesterday in Fort Greene, and today in Williamsburg, 14 purveyors of frozen treats not normally seen at the Flea are setting up shop and scooping out a total of more 50 different flavors.

The roster is filled with NYC's newest ice cream stars, including OddFellows (try the S'mores, the Caramel Brownie, or the Black Pepper); Morgenstern's Finest (with the likes of Burnt Honey Vanilla and Fermented Mango Sorbet), and Phin & Phebes (the Dark Chocolate Salty Caramel ice cream sandwich, on an Ovenly Chocolate Chip Cookie, looks ridiculously good).

It's kind of embarrassment of ice cream riches to be honest, so I took the opportunity to try a few places I hadn't made it to yet in the real world. Brooklyn Bell, for instance, has an excellent Oh So Chocolate and Black Lava Caramel combo thing going on, and Fort Grace scoops a mean Salted Caramel with unnecessary but why not pretzel bits on top.

Luca & Bosco, who have a stand in the soon-to-be-maybe-RIP Essex Street Market had six flavors on hand, including a creamy and sweet Vanilla Toffee Crunch. And La Newyorkina is selling her regular-style ice cream, not just paletas, which is always cause for celebration, even if the choices available--Rompope (which is basically egg nog) and Pumpkin Seed Brittle--seem more late fall than high summer.

But my single favorite scoop of the meal (when you're an adult you can have whatever you want for lunch) was MilkMade's remarkable Rock Rock Rockaway Road, which uses a dense marzipan base as a vehicle for chocolate chips and a marshmallows. I chose a Red Velvet cone (from Konery), and the whole thing was just sublime.

Most of the scoops at the Ice Cream Bonanza were either $3 or $4, with a deal if you get a double, and they're just the right size to satisfy, but you can still try two or three (or four or five) stands and not feel gross.

All the vendors of the Ice Cream Bonanza will be at the Williamsburg Flea today at 50 Kent Avenue from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.