Looks like Yankees star Derek Jeter is finding creative ways to have fun during his stint on the disabled list. The hobbled shortstop was photographed leaving a Greenwich Village Starbucks yesterday with a coffee cup suspiciously marked "Philip." Did Jeter steal someone's Skinny Flavored Decaf Latte? Is this Derek's secret alter-ego to avoid coffee confrontations? What happened to Johnny Drama???

"Philip" (Pacific Coast News)

It's pretty fantastic that Jeter thinks he can order his triple shot lattes incognito. Sure, he's not wearing pinstripes, but isn't the horizontal striped shirt—which isn't a slimming pattern!—pretty much the same thing? Also, he's Derek Fucking Jeter. Even if you don't follow baseball you've seen his mug somewhere.

It could just be another case of barista name botching, but that would take all the fun out of this mystery. Does Philip give out the same post-coital swag?