There's a storm brewin'! Which means New Yorkers are overreacting and rushing to grocery stores to stock up on food and milk and kale. The lines outside of the city's Trader Joe's are currently out the door and down the block—so we'd like to remind you that you are not living off the grid in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, and you won't need a pack of huskies to get anywhere tomorrow, and probably your local bodega will be open, and Seamless won't shut down, and the city will be alive just as it is today. You most likely even have enough in your apartment right now to survive this, so you probably won't even end up having to eat your neighbor's delicious cat. Just drop by your local market or bodega this evening and grab a loaf of bread and a sixer or just a cheap bottle of whiskey, and we'll get through this thing.

If you see a massive fight break out in a produce section, remember to hold your phone horizontally when you film it.