Once upon a time New York City might as well have been called the Big Oyster for the amount of the bivalves we slurped out of our harbor (hence the book). And though they lost popularity a bit for awhile, lately the tasty and environmentally sound sea creatures are making a serious comeback in New Yorkers' stomachs. To that end, here comes The Leadbelly a new booze and bivalves bar on the Lower East Side from the Fat Radish team.

Now, because of other, greasier, dining commitments we haven't been able to make it down to the newcomer just yet, but judging from the pictures and early word we're looking forward to stopping by soon. The joint is clearly looking to be cozy and we don't mind that. Wood floors, short stools, plush couches along with vinyl records, tables silkscreened with game boards, a built-in piano and, of course, some quirky Edison-style lightbulbs make for a nice looking scene.

As for the food and drink? Expect oysters. Lots of oysters from the East and West coast. Not to mention bar snacks like beef tartar and mussels pot pie, all overseen by Ben Towill and executed by chef Nicholas Wilber. For libations, look for your standards along with "seasonal cocktails" from Colin Asare-Appiah (Ruschmeyer's). The place is open daily (except Mondays, for now) from 5:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.

14 Orchard Street // 646-596-9142