New York City's high-end burger bubble is showing no sign of popping. And for every classic burger joint that closes a fancier version seems to take its place. So Midtown? Say hello to your newest burger joint LT Burger—brought to you by the BLT empire's former top toque, Laurent Tourondel. You'll be happy to know they serve burgers!

Located right off Bryant Park, LT Burger offers Tourondel's interpretation of the classic burger (and other American dishes) in a two-level space in Nikola Tesla's former laboratory. The comfortable decor isn't going to win any awards, but it does what you want the decor to do in a fancy burger joint: provide lots of places to sit and get your food and drink on. Wood tables, leather booths and wood paneled and marble walls fill the space—all with TVs well placed so you don't actually have to look at your dining companion if you don't want to.

As for the food? Well, there are a slew of burgers on tap ranging in price from $9 for a standard piece of meat to $16 for an "American Kobe" served with a portobello, emmentaler, spinach and truffle paste. Other variations available include the $11 Mexican (chili, guacamole, pickled jalapeno, monterey jack and sour cream) and the pictured $14 Smashed Smoke (black pepper bacon, cheddar, Spanish onion, sweet "catch-up").

If burgers aren't your thing, LT Burger also has veggie options and your standard sides and apps like Kickass Wings (six pieces for $9) and Roasted Tomato Soup ($8). As for drinks, they have a whole lotta variations on shakes including the $7 Death By Oreo (chocolate ice cream, Oreo's, chocolate syrup) and its $11 boozey cousin the Librarian (just add amaretto and Godiva liqueur). Not to mention a whole wine, beer and cocktails menu, which you can peruse below.

8 West 40th Street // 212-582-8200

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