Chocolate meringue, red velvet, cheesecake, banana and Boston cream, seven-layer cake, oh my! (Katie Sokoler/Gothamist)

We may live in The Age of the Cronut now, but you know what? There are certain places that will still serve you a sweet treat even if you don't wait 5 hours on line. Like the good ol' reliable diner... because the diner dessert case is a pretty great thing.

Also: tradition.

Cookies and pound cake (Katie Sokoler/Gothamist)

We dropped by Kellogg's Diner in Williamsburg to check theirs out, and while they don't have one of those tall, spinning display cases that hypnotizes you into purchasing a thick slice of strawberry shortcake, theirs is a pretty classic one.

We called to ask some questions, and it turns out the diner dessert case is a pretty sacred thing. Theodora at the diner told us the supplier is a baker, "a friend of the family," but the name is kept guarded.

Fruit cups, rice pudding, cheesecake and apple pie slices(Katie Sokoler/Gothamist)

And while all diner dessert cases may seem like they stand still in time, the turnover on the types of treats they serve out of there is pretty frequent, and at the very minimum seasonal—"We sell pumpkin cheesecake in the Autumn, but wouldn't sell that in the summer." Though some things stay in constant rotation, like the customer favorite: "definitely the cheesecakes," and in particular the Oreo cheesecake, Theodora tells us. And no matter how many Cronuts you've consumed, you are never too good for a massive M&M cookie.

Muffins are $1.75, danishes are $1.95, cookies and pound cake are $2.50, pudding is $3.50, a slice of banana cream pie is $4.25, and a slice of cheesecake starts at $4.95 (add .55 cents for a flavored slice). And if you want to add ice cream to anything one scoop is an additional $2.25.

Go ahead, tell us who has The Best Diner Dessert Case...