For some, a brutal heat wave means pouring rent money into an air conditioner; for others, it means finding a restaurant with air conditioning and then taking off your clothes. EV Grieve files this dispatch from Alphabet City's Verso, where on Sunday evening a female diner sat down at the restaurant and immediately removed her top. Across from her, a male companion snapped photos and (probably) giggled "boobies!" under his breath.

Verso's owner, Labinot Baraliu, petitioned with the woman to please put her shirt back on, but the brazen breast brandisher countered that it was "perfectly legal" to sit sans shirt in the restaurant. "In 15 years [in the restaurant business] I've seen all kinds of things, but not this," Baraliu explained to EV Grieve, which has the NSFW photo here. "It was funny, but at the same time I was like 'WTF — is this really happening?'" After some back and forth, the couple was ushered out of the restaurant.

By now we all know that women can't be arrested for baring their boobs in public, but restaurants are private property, subject to whatever rules the establishment decides are most appropriate. So while we're all for letting loose when the time is right, we'll have to side with the restaurant on this one. Unless you're feeding your child, maybe it's best to keep the gals under wraps while you're eating. But take heart, urban nudist: your special day is coming up!