Photo courtesy of Nic/@notexactlyblue

If the average cop eats a donut, you know Hipster Cop is going straight for the Cronuts. Living up to every expectation we have of him and Cronuts and life's mysterious way of bringing everything together in a perfect tableau and delivering it to our inbox... this morning Hipster Cop has been patrolling the Cronut line.

But also... he was kicking people. Allegedly. A tipster sent us this video from the line, telling us it's from the aftermath of a the scene described below:

"The Hipster Cop just kicked a sleeping vagrant in front of the whole Cronut line (corner of Spring & Thompson). I've been standing in line since 7 a.m. Noticed a police presence when I moved up to the corner (plain clothes officer pacing the block). Not long after that I saw the Hipster Cop come through and approach two men who were on the benches (one sleeping, one sitting).

He then kicks the sleeping one with a significant amount of force and says something. The sitting man naturally takes offense to this guy kicking his friend. Hipster Cop demands to see their IDs, more yelling and more cops approach. After a few minutes, the cops leave and the gentlemen remain at the bench. It was an odd showing of force."

Another witness told us the busted man had been drinking a beer.

We've reached out to Dominique Ansel bakery about the NYPD coming in to keep order in the line, and also to find out if the cops got Cronuts. We'll update when we hear back. In the meantime, this video below is further proof that you really do NOT want to make H.C. mad:

UPDATE: Dominique Ansel tells that Hipster Cop "wasn't picking on vagrants, but he was cracking down on two men whom have been harassing business owners and residents in the neighborhood for years (including our staff and customers). Both of them have a long history of violent arrests and one has an outstanding warrant for additional crimes."