Lord knows New Yorkers have passionate views on pizza; hell, we almost declared war on Chicago over cheese preferences. But that doesn't make it okay to go around living life like a corporeal Yelp review, which is exactly what what dissatisfied customer of New Park Pizza did when they scrawled "worst service ever" on the side of the restaurant.

According to the News, security cameras captured the man around 4 a.m. this morning vandalizing the front of New Park Pizza in Howard Beach. “The owner wasn’t happy. She’s pissed," an employee told them. “It was a guy but you really can’t tell what he looks like. A black jacket is all you can see.”

This isn't the first brush with notoriety for New Park Pizza: back in 1986, 23-year-old Michael Griffith and his friends were confronted by a group of white teens outside the pizzeria. The white teens beat them up, and Griffith was fatally struck by a car while running away.

New Park Pizza actually has a pretty sterling reputation on Yelp... in terms of food. Lots of people have pointed out the service is a little lacking: "Their customer service could use a shot of energy," said Andrew E.; "The place can use better customer service," said Robert L.; "The staff greets with a 'what can I get you?' because they literally have no time for customer service, nor do they really need to worry about it..." adds Zach B.