These photos are making us hungry, and unfortunately Paulie Gee's doesn't deliver (yet). You'll just have to venture to Greenpoint in person to try this gorgeous new pizzeria, which this month replaced the tragically-burned Paloma. Patrons of the former establishment will hardly recognize the new place, which swaps out Paloma's sleek, mod design for a warm, rustic, reclaimed wood aesthetic. The center of attention here is Gee's Stefano Ferrara wood-fired oven, which cost about $20,000 to purchase, ship from Naples, and install. (It weighs 6,000 pounds and can reach temperatures of 1,000 degrees.)

Gee's a longtime pizza enthusiast, originally from the Brooklyn neighborhood Kensington ("We used to just call it Church and McDonald," says Gee.) Now he resides in New Jersey, where for several years now he's been renowned for his pizza tasting parties, which revolve around pies Gee makes in a self-built "Pompeii" pizza oven in his own backyard. After "masquerading as a computer geek" for thirty years, Gee has at last fulfilled his dream of opening up a pizzeria. He lured Brooks Jones away from the high-profile Pulino's, and is also assisted by his son Derek.

As we previously reported, Paulie Gee's opened March 9th. After checking it out for ourselves, we wanted to give you a closer look; as you can see, she's a beaut. They're still waiting on the liquor license, but peruse the menu here for all the non-alcoholic options and the various pies, subject to change. Gee tells us that he's using meat from The Meat Hook, and will be buying produce from Rooftop Farms. In keeping with the locally-sourced vibe, dessert is from Van Leeuwen, which just made their own debut in Greenpoint this month.

Paulie Gee's // 60 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn // (347) 987-3747