Photo by Andy Campbell

This morning's Cronut™ line reached epic lengths, and if you were on it, you probably helped break the World Record for Waiting On Line For A Cronut™. We'll pause here while you call your mom.

Our in-house Cronut™ line expert Marc Yearsley tells us this line is "like double, maybe even triple" of what it is normally. He added that it usually stops at "that first table that you see below and to the left of the streetlight."

Is it because people are on vacation this week and have more time to wait on line for pastry? Is it because at the end of this line there were not just Cronuts™ but also the answer to the meaning of life and a blueprint for world peace? No. A Dominique Ansel rep told us this morning, "The lines have been quite long this past week because it's the first week of the Blackberry Cronut! So many of the fans on line tell me they came back just for this flavor."

And just when things die down from that, a new flavor will be introduced—the bakery says, "For August, we're holding a Facebook vote on two flavors that Chef Dominique is proposing: coconut [ed. note: YES!!!!! CocoCronut!] or passion fruit [ed. note: nope]."