Eating on the subway only came in at 26 on our list of unacceptable subway behaviors last month, which makes it a middling offense at best. While that doesn't mean we've gone soft on spaghetti scufflers, it means there is a way to respectfully eat on the subway while not pissing off an entire train car with the scent and sight of your oversized brie. And it seems the gentleman in the photo above is a big fan of Gothamist, because he exhibited perfect form in doing so this week.

The photo was sent to Capital reporter Azi Paybarah today. All we know so far about it is that: a) he's using an unfolding tray table, the classiest kind of tray table by leaps and bounds; b) it appears to be daylight out judging by the light coming from between the cars, a tender light that washes the train in hues of blue and gold; c) he's enjoying a meal from Popeye's, a company currently ushering in some sort of fried chicken renaissance, and we can only hope this is not some form of terrible viral marketing; and d) the train does not appear to be crowded.

Which makes us wonder: if we tell our triumphs to crowds but our own hearts are the sole confidants of our sorrow, does this mean this man is rejoicing, mourning, or just in the early stages of heartburn?

True, he is taking up two seats with his amiable manspreading, but on the other hand, he is also exhibiting tremendous amounts of chill, so let's call it even.

More importantly, he is almost exactly emulating the pose of the man who we commended earlier this year for enjoying a cuisine l'après-midi in a civilized fashion. It's nice to see Gothamist having a positive impact on the world, though it's worth noting some MTA employees have other theories about the photo: