Putting aside certain potato chip peacemakers, our feelings about eating on the subway have been made abundantly clear: if you eat spaghetti on the subway, you're going to have a bad time. But we have a new exception to this: if you bring a pizza pie on the subway and share it with everyone, then you're okay. Unfortunately, the lady above did not do that.

A tipster wrote us: "Saw this woman on the L-train this past Wednesday. Rush hour @ 6:30. Literally taking up an extra seat with the box as she hunkered over the entire pizza. Entire car was in disbelief." Eating AND taking up an extra seat—two subway etiquette rules broken at once!

We WANT to believe she was cramming an entire pie into her mouth, we really do. More likely, she just had a slice or two and decided to ask for a big box as to better taunt her fellow straphangers. Next time this lady thinks of coming aboard our train car, she damn well better bring a Taylor Swift Pizza Party with her to make up for this.