During Monday night's heated Comptroller debate, the most significant question was saved for last: Has either candidate ever experimented with cronuts? (For the record, Gothamist co-sponsored the debate, and we want to emphasize this cronut question did not come from us—we wanted to ask about their position on topless dining publicity stunts, but of course that topic as too hot for the debate moderators.) Here's video of the question being posed, hilariously slowed down to emphasize the historic gravity of the moment:

Immediately after the candidates denied ever inhaling cronut, this exchange occurred over Twitter between Gothamist Executive Editor Jen Chung, Deputy Editor Jen Carlson, and candidate Scott Stringer's press secretary Audrey Gelman, who has been known to rip donuts out of her boss's hands.

As we've learned over and over again this summer, the cronut is an unstoppable force with a momentum all its own, and only a fool would try to stand in its way. Cronut creator Dominique Ansel immediately agreed to provide Stringer with one coveted cronut, and this morning the Manhattan Borough President finally turned on. Stringer declared it was "the most delicious thing he's ever eaten." (Sources say he then lit some scented candles and reclined on his office beanbag chair to listen to Radiohead's Kid A and Amnesiac back-to-back.)

Gelman, ever vigilant, adds, "He was permitted two bites but he snuck a third." We suppose if he wants more, Stringer's just going to have to show up under cover of darkness and dig through the trash like the rest of us.