It seems that Senator Chuck Schumer heeded our advice for great places to imbibe outdoors when he headed to South 2nd Street Saturday for a beer and a Brooklyn sunset: "Joined my family & the Williamsburg hipsters for a beer ‪@CrownVicBar‬ yesterday. -cs"

Schumer, who was out politicking in Brooklyn today a few blocks from an Anthony Weiner event (Schumer declined to discuss the mayor's race), also celebrated his father's 90th birthday at Peter Luger's last night. Presumably they ended the night at The Woods, with shouty renditions of "Get Lucky" and late-night nachos.

Someone else spotted the Chairman of the Rules Committee on the street:

That's 21 hashtags! Which means an angel loses its wings and has to wait for a drink on the roof bar of Berry Park every Saturday afternoon FOR ETERNITY.