One of the most celebrated features of old world trains is the dining car—a designated space where weary travelers can seek respite from the stress of travel to linger over a tureen of soup and adjust their monocles. The subway is not an old world train—the butt bongos alone would give a genteel 19th century passenger aphasia—but that doesn't mean straphangers can't try to add a touch of class to their commutes.

Orient Express it is not, but this gentleman isn't content to balance his meal on his knees like some train-riding animal. Tipster Matt Doyle spotted this Dignified Diner on the D train near 18th Avenue on Saturday night:

"He'd just finished slurping up a plate of noodles by the time I had a chance to take a photo, which is a little disappointing because he had a paper napkin tucked into his shirt for that course," Doyle reports.

At the time the photo was taken, the man appears to have tucked into his phone, the subway equivalent of relaxing with a nice post-dinner snifter of brandy. Where's that chap with the Bacardi, anyway?