As if the Mets needed any more negative associations, it looks like their sainted and perennially-packed Shake Shack may have made some players sick. The Phillies were in town for a series at Citi Field last week and, like so many other visitors, manager Ryne Sandberg and other coaches opted for some grub from Danny Meyer's cult burger shop. Sandberg ended up getting extremely sick, and told reporters yesterday he thinks his Shack Burger is responsible.

"A couple of coaches took a bite and didn't like what they saw and threw the rest away," explained Sandberg. "I was in a rush, so I ended up putting it away." What followed was two days of, ahem, evacuation and Sandberg says he ended up losing six pounds. "I had one piece of toast in two days, and I'm feeling fine about that," he said. "I don't want anything in my stomach."

One could cry sabotage, but Mets first baseman Lucas Duda also fell ill, claiming an undercooked hamburger was to blame. Duda ended up missing Friday night's game and spent the evening recuperating in the hospital. A Mets spokesperson insisted to ESPN that the bad burger came from a different Shake Shack not located inside Citi Field.

"We've served thousands of guests at our Citi Field Shack over the past week, and this is the first we've heard of any issue whatsoever," said a spokesperson for Shake Shack. Indeed several Gothamist staffers indulged in some burgers at Friday night's game without any deleterious effects. But our intestines are clearly more equipped for the task.