A new restaurant that fuses the cuisines of Peru and Japan brings the city's first "nikkei" offerings to Midtown with the opening of Sen Sakana on Wednesday evening. The luxe restaurant—which has been many years and many millions of dollars in the making—translates to "1,000 fish" in Japanese, the amount of fish species said to swim in the waters near Peru. The melding relates to Japanese immigrants relocating to Peru to build the country's railroad network.

Chefs Mina Newman of Peru and Taku Nagai of Japan mine both the sea and the land for their combined menu, which includes small plates, "tiradoto"—a "sashimi meets ceviche" idea—robata grilled skewers, sushi, and larger entrees. It's an extensive selection that oscillates between the cuisines of both countries, often mingling in dishes like the House-Crafted Tofu with bonito flakes and salmon roe; Peruvian rice balls called Causa "Onigiri" with yellow and purple potatoes; and a version of Salchipapas made with miso mustard and kurobuta sausage.

Most of the menu wasn't available at last night's press preview, but they were serving several notable cocktails, including a Japanese whiskey-based offering made savory with the addition of bonito flakes, and another pineapple and tequila drink made with Hellfire Bitters.

28 West 44th Street; sensakana.com

Sen Sakana Menu by Nell Casey on Scribd