Here's proof positive that it's not just greasy spoons that get put through the ringer by the Health Department's inspection system. Thomas Keller's lauded restaurant Per Se was slapped with 42 points on its most recent inspection on February 19th, earning the pricey eatery the dreaded "Grade Pending" status. The violation number puts the restaurant firmly at a "C" rating; they'll have another opportunity to score higher on a subsequent inspection.

Of the seven citations, five were deemed "critical" by the agency, including no hand washing facility in the food prep area, tobacco use, eating or drinking in the food prep area; and food held at improper temperatures. The latter violation could refer to the restaurant's sous-vide station, notes Eater.

This is the third time the restaurant has been given a score over 40 points, including one in December of last year. Other upscale eateries have been poorly graded in recent years; looks like not everyone benefits from grade inflation.