2007_03_peeps.jpgPeople tend to go a little haywire over Peeps. We've given you a taste of the madness before, but there's even more sugar-infused insanity this year. Via the epi-log over at Epicurious: chef Francisco Migoya of The Culinary Institute of America has a video up on You Tube demonstrating how to make your own Peeps aptly titled "The Peep Show."

More Peeps madness:
- Peeps "celebrity survey" via Slashfood:
apparently the Peeps Chick is cooler than the Peeps Bunny, according to 59% of those surveyed, and people think that President Bush and Britney Spears are both in need of some Peeps in their life.
- This year, yellow Chick Peeps are available in a new sugar free variety, and are also available in their original sugary goodness, but in green. The Bunny, not to be outdone, is now offered in a cocoa flavor.
- Daily Candy pointed out that Jacques Torres is making dark-chocolate covered Peeps.
- Also on You Tube -- a mortal combat Peeps fight.

And if all those Peeps are too much for you, you might want to stick to Cadbury Cream Egg Ice Cream.