Well, this seems odd. Apparently, the Brooklyn hipster's favorite beer company has made a commemorative World War II can series honoring the United States Army—complete with patriotic stars and the "Yes We Can" slogan—and it's only being sold in China. Is this some kind of payback for Panda Express?

The Pabst Blue Ribbon beer cans are green in color and emblazoned with black-and-white pictures U.S. soldiers on the battlefield. In English, it's announced that the cans are "World War Two Edition in memory of US Army," and the slogan "Yes We Can" written in big letters. Though it's unclear if a closer translation would be Rosie the Riveter's patriotic "We Can Do It" from the time, since President Obama wasn't exactly sitting for Shepard Fairey portraits in the 1940s.

Brand Channel says the WWII Pabst has been around at least since 2009, but disappeared for a while before being reintroduced recently. They speculate the beer might be trying to bank on the US's victory over Chinese enemy Japan during the war; but all we really want to know is when we won't have to go to Beijing to chase these Band of Brothers brews with a whiskey shot.