Yesterday, we were very sad to report on a cat-astrophe at McSorley's Old Ale House: Minnie the Second, the latest in a long line of cats who have lived at the East Village institution since 1854, has been banned from the bar during drinking hours. We talked to Minnie, and she clarified a few things about the ban and her place at the bar: "I would hate for the DOH to think I'm still up in the bar during business hours. I did not mean to imply that I am in any way violating the rules of mouse or men, no matter how silly and unjust."

Yesterday, she was quoted as saying she was not allowed in the bar "officially," but she made it clear that she was in full compliance of all Health Department codes, even though everyone knows cats make everything better, and was keeping paw-sitive at this trying time:

Please remember that I am only a young cat, still, and prone to a little rebellion much like human adolescents. Curiousity, however, killed the cat -- and bad press with this administration may do the same to me. Although I should be clear, that Mr. Maher -- the owner who speaks for the city's oldest saloon where I do not -- has forgiven Hizonner for his sleights against the Irish and even declared him our best mayor, in an effort to show good will.

Minnie added that she was a huge fan of Gothamist, and offered her services if we "ever want a four-legged guest columnist to fill in." If you want to support Minnie, she has a Facebook fan page, or you could have a drink in her honor tonight at the famous bar, while she's in the basement on her mini va-cat-tion.