Paulie Gee, purveyor of some of the best pizza in this city, is about to dip into the slice game—he's opening up a classic pizzeria and sports bar just a few blocks from his namesake pie spot.

Eater reports that Paulie Gee—real nam Paul Giannone—plans to debut Paulie Gree's Slice Joint at 110 Franklin Street at Noble sometime later this year. The space'll be a throwback for sure, with Giannone telling the site, "The spirit is an old '60s New York slice joint." Naturally, tthat means wooden tables with plastic chairs, and Giannone even purchased a bunch of booths from an old-school pizzeria in New Jersey. Hopefully the spot will also be stocked with napkins that can barely soak up pizza grease; plenty of red pepper flake and garlic dispensers; and ITALIAN ICES. Bless you, Paulie Gee, you know what I love.

Paulie Gee 'grammed some preview shots last night:

And here are some of the things you might be finding up front in the slice shop.

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And what's for dessert you ask? L&B Spumoni and lemon ices. That's it.

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Anyway, the Slice Joint sounds like it'll be a fairly basic-but-tasty spot, with plain, pepperoni, white, and Sicilian pies up for sale, along with wine and beer. And if we're lucky, it won't come with the same eternal wait times diners are forced to suffer through at the OG Paulie Gee's, even if the payoff is worth it in the end.