2012_06_paulad.jpgEarlier this year, Baroness of Butter and cooking queen Paula Deen announced that she has had Type 2 diabetes for years, earning her the scorn of the Internet and aspiring cannibal Anthony Bourdain. Now, she's showing off her trimmer figure on the cover of People.

In February, she had bragged that she lost two pants sizes. Now, in this week's People cover story, Deen says, "I do think differently now [about food]. I'm more aware." Of her weight loss, "It took me a couple of years to get to this point. If you make a few small changes, they can add up to big results." According to People, "So instead of regular meals with her favorite trigger foods (so long, mashed potatoes), the Southern chef has developed a new-found love for Greek salads and baked fish."

Last month, Deen appeared on The View's "Fat Show" (Joy Behar called her the "guest of honor") and defended her previous advocacy of butter and butter and butter, "Studies have shown, Barbara, that there’s not one food that causes diabetes. What causes Type II diabetes is being overweight…I’ve just come to grips, over the past four or five months, with my diabetes... I ignored it for the first couple of years — I thought the doctor was wrong." She insisted, "This is not something I chose. I’m the only one in my family, and my family we all eat the same way." Translation: Diabetes diagnoses may be coming up if they keep eating butter and butter and butter!

Well, now that Kristen Wiig is no longer on SNL, who will play Deen?