Grimaldi's photo by Harris Graber

As first reported on Slice, Patsy Grimaldi, founder of Grimaldi's has come out of retirement to operate Girmaldi's at Aviator, the new sports and recreation complex at Floyd Bennett Field. The Times picks up the story today, quoting Mr. Grimaldi, who sold the original pizzeria several years ago, as saying retirement "was a big mistake".

Anyone familiar with Grimaldi's knows they don't do slices. The new shop breaks from that tradition by selling slices for $2.50. Perhaps more surprising than selling by the slice is that the new oven is not coal-fired. Grimaldi did not have a high opinion of non-coal-fired ovens when interviewed by Pizza Today. Fans are not worried, Gothamist contributor, and Hungry Cabbie, Dave Freedenberg says in the Times article "If it is true that it's Patsy Grimaldi... then it's going to be good."

The pizzeria is part of the sports complex's Brooklyn Hall of Fame food court that will also include Junior's cheesecake and chocolate from Jacques Torres. Has anyone been to Aviator and tried out the food?

Photo of the line at Grimaldi's on a summer's day by Harris Graber via Flickr.